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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Chocolate brownies with strawberry & whipped cream.
Restaurant day is a food carnival when anyone can open a restaurant for a day. When I found out about the event in the Helsinki Weeks , I said to myself that this is not to be missed. I've never experiencing this Restaurant Day before, even at my home country (Malaysia).

The Restaurant day took place at almost everywhere around Helsinki, and it’s impossible for me to go all of them in one day. Therefore, the best way to experiencing the event is by walking. I start the tour from Kammpi to Rautatientori and end with Esplanade. There are a lot of photos that I took that day, so I will share the photos separately with different post. Here some photos that I took at around Kamppi.

When you have no table to serve your foods, just used anything around you. 
Chocolate brownies with strawberry and whipped cream for 3 euro.
This is how they serve the foods. 

It looks delicious.
Enjoy the foods with a good music from the street performer.
This two kids are selling cookies, and you can see back there is their father.
The cute drawing of the cookies by the two kids. It's in Finnish but the boy can speak English fluently.
Another stall.
This stall is quite popular.
The stall is from Lisbon, Portuguese.
Nice decorations.
The foods that they are selling.

No table, not a problem. Just used Ikea rack. Easy to carry and easy to assemble. Also, used the rack's box for the signboard.
There's a lot of people queuing back there.
There's a lot of people queuing at this stall. They are selling Thai cuisine.
A happy face :)
The Mediterranean stall. Not so popular.
Big smile with the foods.
The Korean stall. The guy even wears a Korean traditional suits.
A free vitamin drinks. When I see the expired date. It will be expired very soon just within a month. Now I know why there give it for free. 
Difference expression of people when they get the free drinks. Looks at the kids on a bicycle. He is peeping inside the bottle. So cute!

Thank you for reading :)