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Sunday, 19 August 2012

For the first time in my life, I have to cooked menu for Eid-ul-fitr all by myself. It’s not that I don’t cook before this. It’s just that in my tradition the day before the Eid celebration, the entire family member will get together to prepare and cooked the foods together. Usually, I just take part in preparing all the ingredients and later my mum will cooked. My mother’s cooking is always delicious and everyone wants her to cook all the foods.

Unfortunately, this year is different because I just moved to Finland. Everything in Finland is different compared to my country. I’m still in learning process to understand the culture and the country. It makes it even difficult because the language is so different. To find the goods I want in the supermarket especially foods, will takes times. First, I have to find at which rack the goods is located in the supermarket and later I have to search at the rack. Sometime, I have to translate the words first at home using Google translate and search the image of the packaging for easy searching.

Menu for Eid celebration.

A week before the Eid celebration, I already listed the menu I want to cook and the ingredients. Since the ingredients might be difficult to find, I will list the alternative. I went to Hakaniemi, Helsinki to find all the ingredients I want. It’s an Asian market that called Vii Voan and located at Hameentie 3, Helsinki. . There also an Indian and African shop along that road. When I arrived at Vii Voan, not all the ingredients that I need is available. I continue searching at another shop names Hauler Foods at Hakaniemi Metro Station. Even though not all the ingredients is found, I will try my best to cook the menu for Eid celebration.

I prepared all the ingredients the day before of Eid Celebration but I start cooked the foods the next morning of the Eid day. The day before, we have to break our fast (iftar) for the last day of this year and it’s a bit late on 9.07pm. Since Eid day was on Sunday, I decide not to cook the night before because I don’t want to disturb my neighbours by making noise to cook. I cooked 3 main dishes which is Kuah Kacang, Masak Lodeh and Sambal Goreng Jawa. All the dishes will be eaten with Nasi Impit. For the desert I prepared Cucur Udang.

Nasi Impit.

I will write it here for my own record and I will share all the recipes. Some of the recipe was found in the internet which I have to change a little bit because some of the ingredients are not available here and I have to make some adjustment and find another alternative. For Masak Lodeh and Kuah Kacang recipe was from For cucur udang was from Furthermore, Sambal Goreng Jawa was my own recipe and was a compulsory menu in my family during Eid since both of my parent’s ancestor was from Jawa, Indonesia.

Masak Lodeh.
Masak Lodeh:

1 whole coconut milk
Long beans - cut
Carrot - sliced
Cabbage - sliced
Tofu - cut and fried
Tempe - cut and fried
Salt and seasoning powder

Minced Ingredients:
5 shallots
2 cloves of garlic
1 inch ginger
Some dried shrimp
1 inch shrimp paste - if you like
1/2 inch turmeric
1 stalk lemongrass

- Sauté all the minced ingredients.
- Put a coconut milk and stir until cooked.
- Add salt and seasoning powder until boiled.
- Add long beans, carrot, cabbage, tofu, Tempe and prawn and turn off heat.

Kuah Kacang
 Kuah Kacang:

300 gram peanuts (roasted / peeled (if desired) and ground)
1 stalk lemon grass (crushed)
5 tbsp. chilli paste (can be added / less follow love)
2 tbsp.  brown sugar / palm sugar
Salt and sugar (according to taste)
Sufficient water
Minced Meat

Minced Ingredient:
5 red onions
3 cloves garlic
1 stalk lemongrass
1/2 inch ginger
3 cm galangal
1/2 inch shrimp paste, toasted

- Saute all the minced ingredients with lemon grass and chilli paste until fragrant.
- Add minced meat and stir until cooked.
- Add peanut little by little with water.
- Cook over medium heat.
- Lastly, add brown sugar, sugar and salt.

Sambal Goreng Jawa
 Sambal Goreng Jawa:

Chicken Gizzard – cut into small pieces and boiled
Potato - cut into small pieces and fried
Tempe - cut into small pieces and fried
Tofu - cut into small pieces and fried

Crushed Chillies
Soy sauce
Salt & Sugar

Minced Ingredient:
1 onion
3 cloves garlic

- Saute minced ingredients.
- Put inside chicken gizzard, potato, Tempe and tofu.
- Put soy sauce, sugar, salt and crushed chillies and stir.

Cucur Udang & Thai chili sauce

 Cucur Udang:

200 grams of wheat flour
320ml water
5 large prawns (remove skin and cut into small)
1 large onion
1 bird’s eye chillies
Seasoning Powder

- Mix all ingredients and fried.
- Cucur udang was best served with Thai chili sauce.

Asian Market:

Vii Voan
Hameentie 3, 00530 Helsinki, Finland

Operating Hour:

Monday-Friday: 9-19
Saturday: 8-18
Sunday: 12-18