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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Last week, the weather is so nice and I decided to take a walk to Helsinki. While I walked at the Kluuvikatu, I heard noises and there is a crowded. I only can see from far the flag and I don’t understand what the noises are about.

At Kluuvikatu.

Then, when I walked at Rautatientori, I saw the flag again. This time, they shouting in English, and they walked just in front of me. So, now I know what is it is all about. It’s about Free Tibet Demonstration. They began the demonstration at the centre of Market Square, passed through Senate Square and continued along the Parliament House.

At  Rautatientori.

Generally, Free Tibet Demonstration is about to create awareness of the situation in Tibet. It focuses on the abolition of torture, freedom of religion, the release of political prisoners and the lobbying of the UK government. 

Here is some information about Free Tibet Campaign: