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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Today, I have an appointment to do an ID card at Police Station on 9.30 am. The police station is located at Nihtisillankuja 4, Espoo. FRS (Finland Relocation Service) agent will fetch us at our home on 9am and we will go there for the appointment. This is our 2nd time went there because the last time the system is down and we have to make a new appointment. Luckily this time the system is not down and we finally can do our ID card.

Sample of Finnish ID card for foreigner.

Since we arrived a bit earlier, we go to the other department at the police station to ask about how to apply the driving license. We want to know whether we have to take a class and the test or just change the driving license. The staff have to check in the system whether our country Malaysia have signed the Geneva or Vienna Road Traffic Convention. The staff told us that we just have to change the driving license to Finnish driving license after 6 month of stay at Finland. To apply the driving license, we must use the original license that was issued by our origin country. 

Here is a list that we need before applying the driving license:

- 2 photographs (preferably black-and-white)
- Confirmation that the application is not banned from driving license in another EU or  EEA country.
- A valid driving license (if the driving license has been lost, written account of how it was lost)
- Fee EUR53.

Notes: It also an extra document need which is a letter from 2 people to prove that you have driven a car in Finland and you are saves. For now, we have to practice and drive a car using our Malaysia driving license.

Sample of Finnish Driving License.

Later we went to other department for an ID card application. On 9.30am, our names were called and the staff asked for our passport, resident permit, and 1 passport size photo per person. For Finnish ID-number, instead of a document from Magistrate she asked for Kela card. Then, she processed our application, photocopies the entire document, and printed the form. In the form, she pasted our picture on the box provided and asked us to check all the information is true. Later she asked us to sign at the bottom of the form and inside a box at above of the form. She said the signature must inside the box. Then, she asked for the fee which is EUR 55 per person, so total for husband and me is about EUR 110. Lastly, she gives us the receipt and said that the ID card will be send to our home address in 2 weeks times.

Samples of Finnish ID card.

For applying an ID card for foreign citizen, we must have:

1 - Passport

2 - Finnish Resident permit card.

3 - Finnish ID number (document from Magistrate) or Kela card.

4 - 1 pieces of Passport photo per person.

Sample of Finland passport photo.

Notes: For passport photo, we must follow Finland passport photo guidelines.

5 - EUR 55 in cash per person for the fees.

Euro cash.

Finland Police Websites:

Finland passport photo guideline:

Issuing an identity card to a foreign citizen:

Exchanging a foreign driving license for a Finnish driving license:

States that are party to the Geneva and Vienna Convention on Road Traffic:

Thank you for reading :)