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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Today is a car-free day and the way Helsinki celebrates it is by closed a street sections of Senate Square and Market Square from Sand Bay. There is event called “Era of Autonomy Festival 2012” at Senate Square. During car-free day, people are encouraged to used public transport and there is reduced ticket price in Helsinki area. Moreover, public will get a horse carriage and bicycle at Senate Square area. To ride a horse carriage, there is a fees about 3 euro per person. This festival will be held from 22 to 23 September 2012. You can check the programme here.

Here are some photos that was taken at Senate Square during the festival:

Festivaali AUTONOmian aika.
Place to buy ticket for riding a horse carriage.
There is a lot of choices of horse carriage.

You have to sit on a straw in this horse carriage.
There is a lot of people at Senate Square.
There also some information about the festival inside this tent.

Harnessing demonstration.
The horse is eating.
Place for clean the horse droppings.
Anton Cronstedt (Adjutant of the Governor General).
Finnish Actor Ville Virtanen in the role of  Anton Cronstedt.
Portrait of  Anton Cronstedt.

More Information:

Finnish to English Translation:

Festivaali AUTONOmian aika = Era of Autonomy Festival

hevosajelu = horse ride

liput = ticket