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Monday, 11 June 2012.

                It takes me about 1 month to call the Maternity Clinic for an appointment after we arrived at Finland. There are a lot of things to settle down before going to the Maternity clinic. The first thing needed is a social security number.  To apply the social security number takes about 1 week to be process. Later, I have to apply for KELA card (Personal Health Insurance Card) and it takes about 1 month or more to be process. But, the staff at KELA told us that, we have the right to visit the clinic if we live at Finland. We just need to keep the receipt if we have to pay certain amount since we still don’t get our KELA card. Thanks to our FRS agent who have email us the address and contact number of nearest Maternity clinic.

Last week on 5 June 2012, I made an appointment with Maternity Clinic (Neuvola). At first, there is an answer machines speak in Finnish. After a few minutes listened to the machines, it speaks in English. I’m so relieve, because I don’t understand any single words in Finnish. We have to choose which services we want before the staff pick-up the phone. The ladies who answer the phone also speak in Finnish and I have to ask her to speak in English. I ask for an appointment for maternity check-up. She asks my social security number, and confirms my address. Then, she asks when my last period is. I told her that I can’t remember the date and told her my expected due date. I said I just moved to Finland last month and my last check-up was in Malaysia. After she needs all the information, she gives me the appointment date and time which is on 8am, 27 June 2012 (Wednesday). She said this is the earliest date that I can make which is in another 3 weeks. Then, she also gives me the address of the Maternity clinic.

                Today, I get a big envelop from the Maternity Clinic. There’s about 10 pieces of paper inside envelop.  The content are:

1. Ultra-sound screening examination during pregnancy.
    - It explains about the ultra-sound examination during pregnancy.

2. Food consumption recommendation during pregnancy.
    - It explains about food to avoid during pregnancy.

3. Screening for Down’s syndrome in early pregnancy- do you want to take part?
    - It explains about the screening of Down’s syndrome and asks us whether to take part or not.

4. There’s a quiz about “10 Personal Question about Concerning Alcohol Consumption”.

5. Home dental care for an expectant family.

6. Principle of patience record mobility changed on 1 May 2011.
    - It explain about patience record transfer, and we can forbid the transfer completely or only      
     during emergencies. To do so, we have to notify the staff orally or send written ban to registry of
     the operational unit that treated us or to any other service point.

Maternity Clinic (Neovola)

Address: Friisinkalliontie 10D
Phone: 09 8162 2800
Google maps:

Thank you for reading :)