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Mount Mat Chincang is located on northeastern of Langkawi Island, Kedah, Malaysia. Based on the legendary story, Mat Raya and Mat Chincang is a family of two giants who inhabited the island of Langkawi a long time ago. There is a fight between them over a ruined wedding party.

Now, Mat Raya and Mat Chinchang have been turned into a rock known as Mount Raya and Mount Mat Chinchang. Mat Sawar is trying to mediate to solve this dispute has turned into a hill separating the two mountains.

To go to the top of the Mount Mat Chincang, you have to ride a cable car. To avoid disappointing,please check the maintenance schedule for closure at their website before your visit.

Here you can buy the ticket. A ticket fare for adult is RM30.00 and child is RM15.00. To avoid a long queue, please come early. I came about 11.00am and luckily I don’t have to wait for a long queue. If there is a school trip or a tourist group, then maybe there is a long wait before your turn.

Wait for your turn here.

Each car can fit about six people inside. There is no air conditioning inside the cable car. What you have is only a fresh air from the mountain.

Now, let’s climb to the Mount Mat Chincang.

Now, let’s climb to the Mount Mat Chincang. It takes about 10 minutes ride to the middle station and 15 minutes to the top station.

View of Telaga Tujuh waterfalls (Seven Wells Waterfall).

This cable car just arrives at middle station.

Take a stop at the middle station to have a photo with the cable car and Sky Bridge as a background.

View from the middle station.

This man is pointing at the Sky Bridge to his friend.

View of the top station, cable car and Sky Bridge.

You have to walk from top station to the Sky Bridge. It takes about 5 minutes walk and bring along your drinks. There is no shop and no toilet at the Sky Bridge. The shops and toilet is located at the top station.

Careful when you walk.

We are now on the Sky Bridge. This old man was looking at the stunning view of the limestone and the nature.

View of top station from the Sky Bridge.

Mother and daughters holding hands walking on the Sky Bridge.

You can feel that the Sky Bridge is shaking if there is a strong wind.

While we are enjoying the spectacular view, suddenly the cable cars stop working. Instead of worried how to going down and wait for a long queue, we just continue enjoying much more time at the Sky Bridge and the nature.

Don’t look down if you have an acrophobia.

It looks like the sea doesn’t have a horizontal line.

The boat is sailing the Malacca Strait.

Spot an eagle flying?

View of the limestone on top of Mount Mat Chincang.

This limestone looks weird.

This limestone looks like it was melting.

Another limestone.

Limestone and beautiful purple flower on top of the Mount Mat Chincang.

White flower on top of Mount Mat Chincang.

Let's go for jungle tracking and enjoy the nature of Mount Mat Chincang. Since the cable cars are broken and there is a long queue, some people decided to take a walk to the middle station by using the jungle tracking. Make sure you walk on the track to avoid lost in the jungle.

It is an afternoon and this is what you see if you are looking for the sun inside the jungle.

This is a watching deck and the limestone inside the jungle.

View of Sky Bridge from down, inside the jungle.

Let's look at the plants and the natural beauty of the Mount Mat Chincang.

This plant grows on a dead tree.

And this one grows on a limestone.

The cable cars are now fixed and let’s back to the top station.

View from the highest viewing deck at top station. The height is about 705 meter above the sea. There is a sunset spot at the viewing deck if you want to enjoy the sunset. Make sure you came at the right time.

After a weary walk to the Sky Bridge, stopped briefly at the viewing deck and pamper yourself with a foot massage while enjoying fresh air and spectacular view of Mount Mat Chincang.

View of Pantai Kok and a flying bird from viewing deck at the top station.

Seen some islands from the 99 islands of Langkawi Island. It looks like a fantasy.

Before you leave, don't forget to visit Oriental Village. The cable car base station is actually inside the Oriental Village. There is no entrance fee to go inside the Oriental Village, but some attraction there is.

Take a walk at suspension bridge over the pond at Oriental Village.

It’s a lot of fish to feed. The fish fillet is RM1.00 per packet.

This cute rabbit is begging for carrot. There is no entrance fee to visit the rabbit farm but you have to pay for their foods cost about RM1.00 per packet.

View of the Mount Mat Chincang and Oriental Village.

To get more information about Langkawi, do visit this place. Inside also have a sample of limestone and fossil.

Some shops at the Oriental Village. Don't forget to buy some souvenir and memorabilia to serve as a pleasant reminder of your visit to this lovely place.