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Frozen Berries

Looks like I have abandoned my blog for quite a while.
It takes me some time to do some editing with the photos and to put it in this blog.
This is some of my favorite photos that I took while playing sledge with my son around Espoo, Finland. Hope you enjoy the photos :)


Saturday, 18 May 2013

Chocolate brownies with strawberry & whipped cream.
Restaurant day is a food carnival when anyone can open a restaurant for a day. When I found out about the event in the Helsinki Weeks , I said to myself that this is not to be missed. I've never experiencing this Restaurant Day before, even at my home country (Malaysia).


Finland: Fog

Thursday, 27 September 2012

It's raining since last night and as I looking outside the window this evening, it was fog. I think it just started because this morning the sky was clear. Usually, I only saw fog in the morning and the temperature now is 15 degree Celsius. There scenery is so beautiful with some of the tree has changed color to red. Well, it's autumn now. Here are some other photos:

Some trees have changed color to red. 

Water drops after raining.
This was captured on 3.52pm.
This was captured on 5.21pm.


Wordless Wednesday


Friday, 29 June 2012.

Today I have an appointment for Glucose Tolerance Test on 8.30-8.45am at Tapiolan Labotorio, Espoo, Finland. I make the appointment by online on 27 June 2012, which is I can choose the available time and the location. I choose the Tapiolan Labotorio because this is the only place that was near and easy to go by bus. Other place that was suggested is a bit far and not so easy to travel by bus. Later, I have to wait for the confirmation email to confirm the appointment and get the reservation key and password.

Tapiolan Terveysasema.
After I have confirmed the reservation, there is another email stated about the reservation information. Here is some of the content in the email:

Appointment details:

Time: 6/29/12 8:30 AM - 8:45 AM
Service to be provided: Glucose tolerance test

Location: Tapiolan laboratorio, Ahertajantie 2, Espoo
For the test to succeed, it is important that you eat and drink as usual on the day
before the test until 8 p.m., when you begin FASTING. Fasting means that you
should not take any nourishment at all until the start of the test and during the test.
You may have one glass of water, but consumption of soft drinks, sweets, mints,
chewing gum, coffee, tea, or any alcoholic beverages is prohibited. Smoking is

A blood sample will first be collected in the laboratory, and after this you will be
given a glucose solution to drink. The examination lasts for 2 to 5 hours, and several
blood samples will be collected from you during this time. You may neither leave the
laboratory waiting room nor eat during the examination.

You should take some food with you to eat once the examination is over.

Take your number here. For appointment, just wait for your name to be call.

A day before the test I get an email about reservation reminder. So that night after dinner, I have to start fasting. It takes about 20 minutes travel time by bus from my house and I have to leave early in the morning on 7am. When I arrived I don’t know where the place of the appointment is. I go to the information counter, and asked about the place. He said, “You can follow the signboard and wait at the corner over there and wait for your name to be called.” I follow the signboard and sit at the waiting area.

Waiting area.
On 8am, my name was called and the first thing done is to take my blood sample. I’m so afraid it will be pain because from my previous experience at Malaysia, it’s so painful and sometime the doctor has to syringe 2-3 times at my elbow joint because they can’t find my vein. The staff asked me to take a sit, and she gives me a pillow to put my hand. Later, she applies a tourniquet on my right arms looking for the vein first. Then, she is disinfected the area. Instead using a normal syringe, she used a venepuncture using a vacuum system. Before she starts the procedure, she said it will be sting. I close my eyes, and there is no pain at all. When I open my eyes, she’s already taking a few samples in a vacuum tube. The procedure is so fast and painless.

Inside the room.
Lab equipment for taking blood sample.
Venepuncture using a vacuum system. (Photo from google)
Later, she asks me to wait because she wants to get glucose. When she came back, she bought an Erlenmeyer flask and she pours the content in a plastic cup. She said I have to drink it within 5 minutes period. The glucose was so cold and it’s not very sweet as everyone said. When I start drink it, she also start a countdown timer. I drink it within 2 minutes and she so surprised because I drink it very fast. Before I leave the room, she said I will feel nausea, stomach ache and headache. She said, I have to wait another 1 hour and she will call my name again. She reminds me not to eat or drink during this waiting time.

Erlenmeyer flask. (Photo from google)
After 1 hour of waiting, she called my name. This time she did the procedure at my left elbow joint. She can’t find my vein and she asked me when the last time I take a blood sample from my left elbow joint. I said I can’t remember exactly when, maybe last year. Then she said she will take a blood sample at my wrist area. This time she used the butterfly catheter and the needle is a bit small. This is first time my experience taking blood sample at wrist area. I never know before this that instead of elbow joint, you can also take a blood sample at wrist area. Before this at Malaysia, if they can’t find my vein, they will syringe again and again until they found the vein at the same elbow joint. This process is so painful. Also, if they want more blood sample, they will syringe 2-3 times at my elbow joint instead of using a venepuncture using a vacuum system.

Butterfly catheter. (Photo from google)
I have to wait another 1 hour for taking a blood sample. This time I waited at the sofa provided and I fall asleep. I feel very tired and sleepy. I woke up just 5 minutes before my name was called. This time she takes the blood sample at another wrist. She said this is the last procedure, after this I can go to eat and drink. She also said that the result will be known by this Monday since I took the test on Friday. I have to call Neuvola to know my result. Before I left, she smiled and said “Thank you for being patient.”

My wrist after taking a blood sample.
I’m so tired, thirsty and hungry. There is a cafĂ©/canteen, so I stop by to see if there is anything that I can eat and drink. I choose a cup of tea, yogurt, a cheese sandwich and a chocolate bar. I don’t have an appetite to finish the sandwich. I manage to eat only half of it. There is a Weege Talo Museum not so far from there, but I’m so tired and sleepy to stop by, maybe next time. I can’t wait to going back home to take a rest. I walked to the nearest bus station and wait for the bus no 10 but the bus arrived a bit late.

Inside the cafe/canteen.
My foods and drink for breaking my fast.
A signboard to Museot Weege Talo.

Finnish to English Translation:

Terveysasema = Health Center
Tervey = Health
Museut = Museum
Laboratorio = Laboratory

One hour glucose tolerance test procedure:

Weege Talo Museum:

Tapiolan Heath Center:

Appointments and advice:
t.09 816 38 900
Mon-Fri 8-15

Mon-Fri 8-16

Patients Office:
3rd floor, open
Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 15

Visiting address:
Ahertajantie 2
02100 Espoo


Google Map: